Peterborough Memorial Centre Orientation

2019 - 2020 Facility Specific Orientation

To help prepare you for your first shift at the Peterborough Memorial Centre.

This course will walk you through the ins and outs of your shift at the PMC. It will discuss check in procedures, gear location, and more. Please make sure you complete this module before working your first shift at the venue.

Your Instructor

Heather Johnson
Heather Johnson

Heather is Odyssey’s Event Operations Manager - East – call-sign "Ops Heather" (yeah... we're still working on it).

Heather is a key element in our Eastern team’s communication and mobilization. She has a keen connection to our frontline staff.

“I love the people. I’m energetic about supporting the staff that represent Odyssey on event all the time. My passion has always been working with and supporting the staff on the frontline.”

Heather graduated from Western University with an Honours degree in Health Sciences. She has been working with Odyssey for 5 years. She spent 4 years working in the field with the water safety team as a water safety coordinator, lifeguard and first responder. Heather has graduated into a progressive leadership role with Odyssey because of her tenacity and her ability to understand the needs and wants of our crew.

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Over the Counter Medication Request
Over the Counter Medication Request
Kerrie Lewis, Sheila Turris & Adam Lund

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