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Medical Direction bundle for ALS providers

Medical Direction for Advanced care providers is the entry point for already approved and vetted members of Odyssey's Medical Direction Program. As long as you remain in good standing with the program, this monthly subscription supports your continued enrolment under our Medical Direction.

Simply enrolling in this online course DOES NOT confer coverage under our program. If you would like more information regarding Medical Direction please visit

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If you have landed on this page and are interested in applying for Medical Direction Coverage, click this link to Apply for Medical Direction Coverage

Your Instructor

Adam Lund
Adam Lund

Adam is Odyssey’s CEO and Medical Director nationally. Call sign… ‘Dr. Evil.’ He has a particular interest in risk assessment and leadership development.

“I have been involved in first aid and medical services at events since I was a ‘tween. To me, the chance to work with big, mixed interdisciplinary teams to meet the needs of complicated event medical plans is great fun and an endless challenge.”

Adam is a practicing emergency physician since 2003, currently licensed in British Columbia and Ontario. He works at the Royal Columbian Hospital (tertiary trauma centre in Fraser Health) and at Eagle Ridge (community hospital). He is also an online support physician for BC Emergency Health Services since 2013, supporting paramedics and the provincial patient transfer services. Academically, Adam is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at UBC, and the head of the BC Emergency Medicine Network’s Innovation Program on Mass Gathering and Event Medicine.

E-mail: [email protected]

Courses Included with Purchase

Acute Pain in Adults (ALS version)
Support for Advanced Life Support Providers in the Management of Acute Pain
Sean Large
Cardiac Arrest Management - ALS Version
Support for ALS-trained Providers in Cardiac Arrest Management
Kerrie Lewis, Sheila Turris & Adam Lund
Controlled Substances
Policies Related to the Controlled Substances Management Program
Sheila Turris
Dysrhythmia Management - BRADYcardias (ALS version)
Advanced Life Support Protocol for the Management of Bradycardias
Sean Large
Dysrhythmia Management - TACHYcardias (ALS version)
Advanced Life Support Protocol for the Management of Tachycardias
Sean Large
Post Arrest Care for Adults (ALS)
Caring for adult post cardiac arrest (ALS)
Sheila Turris
Push Dose Epinephrine
Push Dose Epinephrine for Advanced Providers
Adam Lund
Seizure Management (ALS version)
Advanced treatment care of active seizures
Sheila Turris

Original Price: $825

Frequently Asked Questions

When does your coverage start and finish?
Your coverage starts when you receive written approval for Medical Direction coverage and complete the required online modules. It will continue as long as you are an active subscriber to the Medical Direction program and remain in good standing professionally. The modules are completely self-paced. You decide when you start and when you finish. Access remains 'open' as long as you are enrolled in Odyssey's Medical Direction program, or the Medical Direction program of an agency under Odyssey's Medical Direction.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, You have unlimited access to this course for as long as you are working or volunteering under Odyssey Medical or an Affiliate's Medical Direction Program - across any and all devices you own.
What will completing this course allow me to do?
Program Features - “Permitting you to work to your scope” • Insured Medical Direction and individual insurance consultation upon enrolment • On-line access to Odyssey Medical Direction single-provider clinical and risk management protocols via Odyssey’s eLearning Site, including Symptom Relief protocols • Access to education materials via Odyssey’s online learning platform • Access to medical record documentation templates (upon request) • Access to Odyssey prescribed medications and medication inventory management program in support of clinical and symptom relief protocols Program Requirements • Successful vetting of your resume, professional credentials +/- criminal record • Quality assurance reviews and review of critical incidents (limits apply) • Pre-notification of events, deployments and missions where medical direction will be in effect

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